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Pinky Productions provides filming, editing and animations.

We are a team of experienced and talented freelancers, creating vibrant, refreshing and engaging content of the highest quality.


Pinky Productions is headed by Josephine Robinson (Pinky) an experienced freelance editor.

Over the past 15 years Pinky has provided editing and graphics for major brands, corporate clients and International companies.

Creating videos for entire brand campaigns, fast paced promos, short films, documentaries, TV adverts, VNR’S and delivering edits onsite for product launches.

Over the years Pinky has worked with team of talented film makers and animation experts.

Pinky Productions now provides these services without the big overheads of large production companies but with the same high standards and quality end product.


Previous work for

Pinky Productions clients




Working with teams of editors to make tight deadlines or producing time sensitive VNR’s for satellite distribution; Pinky will keep a cool head.

John Norman – Worldmark Films


From ingest to export – you can be assured your project is in safe hands.

Stewart Coleman – Can Communicate


I recently hired Pinky Productions for a set of complicated corporate films and it was the best decision I made.

Julia Fellows – Ben fellow productions


Pinky heads a very talented team that will bring great skills, talent and understanding to any project.

Louise Austin A2S works


Working remotely, posed no issues, it was a wonderful experience to work with Pinky.

Jim Cuthbert – JAYU Worldwide


During the post production of the short film Protagonist, Pinky confidently handled the ARRIRAW workflow. It was all a breeze.

Mario Radinovic – Digital Workflow Specialist at ARRI Media